• 2017/02/01

5 Essential Methodologies of Design

Nowadays we can say without any doubt that design is a multidisciplinary discipline.  Every designer has his or her own methodology and can therefore choose to use different tools and channels to gather information for the design in hand.  Taking this into consideration I have compiled a list of tools that I find very helpful […] read more

  • 2016/12/02

Heuristics in the Real World

To put an idea into place when it comes to a designing project, we must first take some important steps.  The choices we make to communicate effectively are not taken at random. Understanding heuristics helps us make better decisions in terms of the topics at hand. These are the three steps that must be followed […] read more

  • 2016/11/03

Usability Heuristics

One of the ways to evaluate the usability of a site is to evaluate a given flow, interface or platform exploring their given functions and any errors they may have. This process is refered to as Usability Heuristics. Jakob Nielsen, has come up with  10 rules to consider when designing an interface to make user the user has a […] read more