• 2016/06/14

Bluetooth 5: What we know so far

The next generation of Bluetooth standard is almost here.  This is what we know so far:

1. Speed

The company behind Bluetooth has announced that Bluetooth 5 will be twice as fast than its predecessor Bluetooth 4.3 LE, which could entail a maximum speed of 2Mbps.  Even if you don’t reach that speed you should still see a significant speed jump.

2. You may be able to enjoy Bluetooth technology from Mars

Range will quadruple in Bluetooth 5, which means you could be one or two blocks away (ok maybe not from Mars) from a Bluetooth speaker and still stream a song to it.  The exact limit to your distance will be determined ultimately by the kind of hardware you are using.

3. Location awareness is key

Bluetooth 5 will feature some additional navigational features that are friendlier to indoor beacons and other location-aware devices.  With this new technology Hansel and Gretel could have easily found their way out of the Forest!

4. It keeps up with the trend of the Internet of Things

The IoT is all the rage right now and this new version of Bluetooth will include various optimizations and improvements that boost its performance and draw less power when you install it on home devices. Pretty much everything is Bluetooth enabled nowadays so this feature should come in handy

5. You may need to buy a new phone

This new upgrade may require new chips, the old ones will support Bluetooth 5 but you may not be able to enjoy the extra performance and features.  But don’t worry because the hardware scheduled to hit the shelves in 2017 will have Bluetooth 5 already installed.

Source http://www.techradar.com/