Skills and Qualifications

  • Capable of designing clear and functional interfaces, prioritizing user experience.
  • Being able to create interaction flows, wireframes and prototypes.

What we are looking for

  • Being able to interact and co-create alongside a team of designers, developers and strategists.
  • Capable of designing responsive interfaces for multiple devices and platforms.
  • A solid base of UI/UX knowledge and its deliverables (interaction flows, wireframes and interactive mockups).
  • Being able to develop multiple tasks alongside the design team.
  • Can collaborate with designers, product managers and the dev team to deliver compelling user-facing products and services.

Nice to Have

  • Medium/advanced English level.
  • Experience working with agile software development methodologies (like Scrum).
  • Experience with prototyping software (like InVision).

Some of our Success Stories


iOS / Android App

PlayerPager is a platform for High School athletes that allows users to develop their personal brand. Through PlayerPager athletes can upload their Highlights, create their own custom Player Card, find schools, and interact with teammates.

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Taco Bell

Asset Management Platform

Taco Bell Plans is an Asset Management Platform where current and potential franchisees can access build up documentation, forms, key contacts, technical drawings, and marketing materials to build a store and start a franchise.

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iOS App

Fanbase is a photo, video, and live streaming app that lets users monetize their content by gaining subscribers and building a true fanbase. Users decide which posts are for followers and which for subscribers, allowing them to distribute and value their content.

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