• 2017/09/12

eSports: A New Kind of Sport

When you look at today’s youth sitting by their PCs playing shooter games or knocking down virtual towers and blurting out incoherent terms, you could attribute all this to a crazy pastime. Far from that what really lies beneath all this is future athlete, training hard to try and outdo his or her opponents and make it onto one of best teams. So, one day he or she can become idol followed by millions of spectators throughout the world.

eSports are a new trend that came to life in the 80’s with the arrival of the first video games. Soon people began to gather in groups and form teams to compete against each other, demonstrating their abilities and battling for the greatest of all prizes: honor.

Today, many years later, we can safely say that video games have managed to capture the attention of millions of people worldwide, with tournaments that offer awards worth millions of dollars, and have already handed out over US $ 18 billion. Some of them are even broadcast on television or streaming, outperforming the NBA or Rugby World Cup.


To understand this world a little bit more, we must consider that the teams have evolved from groups of friends to professional teams that function like a sports club would, with multinational brands sponsorship and players with contracts and juicy salaries that are then put up in luxurious houses (sometimes in other countries) so that they can train.
Of course, not all games are considered as eSports, only strategy (MOBA), shooters (FPS) and traditional sports simulators video games have that distinction. One thing is for sure, they must have the following characteristics:

  • The video game must allow for direct confrontation between two or more participants on equal terms where victory is determined by their tactical or strategic ability.
  • They must be of leagues and competitions regulated by rules, with teams and professional players
  • They should have a fan following, that is to say, thousands of fans who play for fun and follow competitions through the media.

So far so good, but … why is it considered a sport?

This is one of the first questions that people ask.  To answer it we must look at the definition of the word “sport”:

“Sport is a regulated physical activity, usually competitive, that can improve the physical condition of the practitioner, and has properties that differentiate it from a game.”

In this case, the definition was stipulated by a German Sports University, which for years studied the skills, demands and training of players. Through this study, they demonstrated that in eSports the same physical wear and tear traditional athletes suffer is present.  Furthermore, the level of stress is similar or greater than that suffered by professional sprinters.

Nowadays eSports organizations have coaches, analysts and sports psychologists who help players prepare physically and mentally to achieve the highest performance in each game. The governments of the United States, France, Germany and Korea already recognize professional video game players as athletes, and have even granted Olympic rank to eSports.

We can already see how big clubs such as Valencia FC, Shalke 04, Manchester City, West Ham United (among others), sports media like FOX Sports and ESPN, Apps like Twitter and YouTube to portals like Yahoo and CódigoGamer are joining this revolution.

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Soon you will be able to enjoy all this world in one place, thanks Código Gamers and ConsultR. Stay tuned!