• 2016/10/26

API’s for real people

Often when we interact with websites, e-commerce sites and apps we can log in with our social network logins, we can also shop and pay for services with our PayPal accounts. There are many actions that demonstrate that sites / apps are not isolated islands, on the contrary they allow for reciprocal interactions and let us streamline certain actions to save tons of time. These connections are possible thanks to API’s (Application Programming Interface) something us programmers are very familiar with.

Seems boring right? Well, the truth is that it is something that is not purely for programmers. Platforms like IFTTT (If  This Then That) let any user create recipes to generate connections and actions with their own accounts. For example, you can create a recipe that specifies that if it rains tomorrow you will receive an email or a notification, or even post it on Facebook.  I should also mention the brilliant Slack and it’s bots, which allow us to interconnect an almost infinite number of services. We have been able to do this for years, nonetheless recipes and bots are constantly being updated, so I created a list that you may find useful:

Back up Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist

To be honest the ability to backup my Discover Weekly Playlist is what inspired me to write this Blog Post.  This playlist had become somewhat of a weekly frustration.  I discovered or fell in love with certain tracks and a week later they were gone.  A quick search on IFTTT and this is no longer a problem.  Choose the playlist and where to store the backup and IFTTT will take of the rest!

Autosave Instagram to Dropbox

Instagram photos can take up so much space on our phone’s camera roll, but not to worry I found an easy way to backup these photos without having to manually backup anything


Also if you are not on Instagram and want to backup Facebook photos you can use this recipe:



For all you Slack and SEO lovers out there Statbots are a must!  Slack’s own Bot let’s you check out or follow up on all your stats.


Dropbox to Facebook

If linking your social network accounts to Facebook is something that interest you, I’e found the ideal recipe.  Just click on the dropbox folder and the album where you want to move the files and by only dragging the files you will be able to automatically see them on Facebook.


Side note:  you can only upload 15 images are a time (Not all API are perfect!)

Wish your friends a Happy Birthday

We’ve all been there, remembering birthdays can be hard.  Not to worry I found a recipe that sends out automatic birthday wishes be linking Facebook and Google Calendar


Slack notification for Trello

We love Trello and we also love Slack.  These two platforms are fundamental in my workplace.  Luckily I found a recipe that keeps both platforms in sync. All I have to do is pick the slack channel and the trello board and that’s it!


Have you already tried IFTTT? Or a Slack Bot?  Do you use another service that connects API’s? Let us know what works best for you!