• 2017/01/10

Gadgets I would like to see come to life in 2017

A new year is here, and as always new year’s resolutions are a plenty.  Most people are looking forward to new projects while others are busy trying to wrap up unfinished ones.

For us technology lovers we look forward to the new launches, everything from CES and all the new gadgets, to Apples’ hyped up events.

Thinking about the new year, and inspired by a game I recently played, I came up with a list of gadgets that I would LOVE to see come to life in 2017:

Black Mirror- Glass:

grant_black_mirror_576x324Albeit a very similar gadget to the failed Google Glass (Google patented something similar as well).  The device itself is much more complex and even creepy, but it’s interesting like most things in the Black mirror universe.  The main functionality of these glasses is the ability to back up everything with see with our eyes and then access the content at any time.


Back to the future- Hoverboard:

hoverboardEver since I saw Back the Future II, I wanted one. A real one, not the replicas or a board that can levitate slightly, I’m talking about a REAL hoverboard.  I want to throw it on the floor, any floor, and see it float like in the movie.


Ant-Man- Pym Discs:

Perhaps the best new character in the Marvel Universe, Paul Rudd’s Ant Man was ironic and sarcastic.  He pym_discalso had these discs with a very simple, yet effective, functionality.  One disc shrunk objects while the other one reverted the object to its original size.  With the discs, you could shrink a car so that it fits in your pocket and then re-size it to original size to drive it around.


Star Wars- Lightsaberl3584-star-wars-tfu-starkiller39s-lightsaber-75663


With this one I don’t think I’m asking for the impossible.  It would be incredible to have one and cut through an object or two!




Ricky and Morty- Portal gun:portal_gun

You may not know what I’m talking about, but I just finished watching an unusual series called “Ricky and Morty”.  The show follows the adventures of a grandfather and his grandson on different planets and universes.  This is all possible thanks to the portal gun, which is exactly what is sounds like, a gun that can open a portal anywhere, even in different dimensions.






What gadgets would you like to see come to life in 2017?