• 2017/01/19

STILL Dare to Feel with Technology

I consider myself a person who can absorb a lot of information, a LOT, believe me but even with that, I still have to write things down. I am 100% digital so I recently started using an old notes app. This app has grown incredibly and is now much more functional than it was then: Evernote. While looking at my Evernotes, I discovered my first blog post ever. When ConsultR was simply myself and I was doing mainly IT support.

I’m a big believer that it’s always good to go back to your roots and never forget where you come from.  With this said, after reading my first blog, I got a sense of pride that I haven’t felt in a while. Even after 5 years in business, 10 times the size of the company, 30 times the number of clients, and having emerged into a Full Service Digital Company. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technology, a system or a simple website, you have to DARE TO FEEL WITH TECHNOLOGY:

“There is no doubt that technology has surrounded our life and helped shape human evolution, it has allowed us to shorten distances and delivery times. And when applied correctly, it can help small endeavors become successful businesses. With so much technology around us one doubt remains. How important is human involvement in technology related decisions?

I have been part of the corporate world for almost ten years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Small and Medium Businesses in the past three years. Today my belief in human involvement is even more resilient and clearer.

What do I mean by human involvement? I am not talking about humans being involved in developing technology because we all know that we are the sole creatures responsible for technology. Nor am I referring to the never-ending discussion of “should technology replace humans?” I am referring to the need for personalized involvement when you plan, implement and maintain a certain technology. Some might call this notion “soft skills” but my thoughts go beyond that…

As a technology lover, self proclaimed geek and sometimes self-center human being I learnt about the importance of listening to a need, embracing a business, taking ownership and pride in a business belief, and taking each technology thought and advice as personal.

Business is Business, don’t get me wrong but as one of the most successful businessmen out there, George Soros, said: “Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman”. I can’t imagine doing  business deals without personal involvement. Some tips that will always, always get you closer to your customers seeking technology advice:

  • Get to know the business inside out. Spend time onsite, talk to the users, listen to their technical problems.  Create a bond with each one of them because the parts make the whole.
  • Prepare yourself to be at every level of a technical scale.  You will be dealing with extremely technical people but also technology allergists. You will have to match their knowledge and express yourself as closer to their comfort zone as possible.
  • Think what technologies can be implemented. Not only in function of what is the latest and greatest. But in function of which one will help the business goal the most.
  • Think long term: Making a few extra bucks for an exaggerated IT implementation might cost you big. This might sound crazy but forget about your Economic end goal and think about theirs. I guarantee in the long run that trusting relationship will give you back infinite future IT implementations and opportunities with the same customer.
  • Be a person first, a partner second, a businessman third and end the deal being an IT guru

Everyone has their own strategies when approaching and acquiring customers. But what can I say: I like to live work like I live life. Dare to start using those soft skills, dare to become a better IT consultant, Dare to feel with technology!