• 2017/03/02

People are still awesome

I love technology, don’t get me wrong, but I still prefer humans over robots.

One of my responsibilities at ConsultR is to interview candidates for upcoming positions. I enjoy this process, I am always pleasantly surprised during the interviews. I’m also a self-confessed social being so I love meeting new people and being exposed to different ideas and thoughts and notions.

1I don’t have a degree in Human Resources so I rely on my own experience and something an old boss taught me: “If you want to generate empathy you must originate this empathy”. The old rigid and sometimes authoritarian style of interviewing is no longer relevant.

How should we conduct an interview in the 21st century?

An interview conducted with empathy allows for an almost therapeutic conversation.  A person can open up about their problems, their dreams and future. This can be a real advantage and allow them to ask honest questions.  Anything from the position to the future possibilities in the company. For me it’s also an advantage as I can gage if they are a good match and if they possess the qualities I am looking for (transparency, honesty, the ability to adapt). Will they be able to commit to the company or are they just passing through? I don’t have a crystal ball but at least can generate a more honest environment.

A lot of the people I interview see the position as something more than just a job. A way of life  where they can do what they love. So much so that they dedicate time outside working hours to  keep learning, experimenting and playing. This is what really drives me, the capacity with which  technology and the digital world can motivate an individual both personally and professionally.


Therefore, when all the chips have fallen I prefer humans over robots. It’s true that computers and  machines can solve many of our daily problems. Nonetheless they don’t have that “digital soul”  that brings life experience, suffering, passion, sadness and joy to our working lives.