• 2016/11/23

Hype: the root cause of dissapointment

For different reasons I waited anxiously for the new iPhone 7.  While doing so I noticed how I seemed to get more anxious by the minute.  After reading a few reviews I realized that I wasn’t excited to use the new iPhone, I wasjust excited  to have it.  My expectations were so high that I had forgotten why I really wanted the iPhone 7.

This feeling of over-excitement can be found in our daily lives, it’s everywhere.  Take for example the season finale of the sixth season of The Walking Dead or even buying a new pair of headphones.  Some people call it “hype”, expectations that we get from other people, expectations that seem to gain force on social media.  So much so that nothing could ever fulfill such expectations and then we undoubtedly suffer from disappointed.  

All this hype contradicts one of my personal life philosophies (it’s actually a principle that applies to movies but can also be applied to other situations). “When you go see a movie, you should always think it’s going to be horrible, and then maybe you will be pleasantly surprised”.

Having said this, I made a list of some of the biggest disappointments hype is to blame for:  

pokemon-go-logoPokémon GO

Hype feeds off viral content and this was clearly the case with Pokémon Go.  I had been waiting for an official RPG Pokemon game ever since i got my first iOS Phone, but this game was very disappointing.  I will have to continue using unofficial emulators for now I guess.



I few years ago these new TV’s were introduced as the next big thing. The marketing machine made me believe a shark could come out of the TV and rip off my head (just like in BAck to the Future II). Now I’m not sure why, maybe my eyes just can’t process 3D technology properly, but the whole thing never blew my mind and once again I felt disappointed.


When Apple launched the iPad, we were told it was the device that would breach the gap between the MacBook and the iPhone.  The concept intrigued me but after only 20 minutes on the iPad I couldn’t really understand what all the hype was about.



If you haven’t seen Batman vs Superman, or the entire run of Dexter and/or Lost don’t keep reading… you have been warned!


Every episode of lost was pure hype, this I realize now.  But Lost deserves a special mention in this blog post.  The screenwriters had the ability to pack each episode with as many new elements or easter eggs as possible but the truth is, they never made any sense in the overall story.  

dexterDexter: Series Finale

Dexter is one of my all time favorite shows, so I knew there was a possibility that the final episode wouldn’t meet my expectations.  However I never anticipated that only one episode could ruin the entire series for me!

Batman vs Superman

I waited for the release of this movie for years,  I freaked out when I saw a poster in “I Legend” that confirmed the movie was being made. After the Dark Knight Rises, the project started to come to life, only Ben Affleck would be playing Batman (for me all the hype died when they made this casting decision).  After a while I got used to the idea of Affleck and when I saw the first trailer all the hype was back.   Well… after a few hours and a final fight scene that would come to a halting conclusion only because they realize their mothers have the same name, what can I say.. Huge disappointment!  (DC you are really dropping the ball lately…)


What was your biggest hype disappointment???