• 2016/09/29

Music Videos for Milenials: The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience

Are VR music videos the future of the music industry or just a natural progression?  MTV made it’s name and defined an era by playing music videos, yet it has now evolved into a different media monster that refuses to play them. Could VR music videos put this artistic expression into the limelight once again? Will millennials get on board?

A few weeks ago Google released The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience. A new VR project that was developed in collaboration with Queen and Enosis VR . The app promises to take the user on “a journey through frontman Freddie Mercury’s subconscious mind”.screenshot_20160929-160128

The Good

The app takes you on a journey that seems surreal and yet appropriate.  Watching Freddie, in his classic rock & roll pose, will surely send chills through your spine.  The imagery is reminiscent of Queen and will appeal to fans and soon to be fans.   All in all the app does feel like a classic music video. With the added feature of being able to move around within the imagery and discover new aspects of the overall design.

Some of the 3D features combine really well with the key moments of the song to really get your heart rate going.  For us unlucky mortals who were not able to see Freddie and Queen live brings perhaps some level of consolation.

The “Bad”


The only criticism that may be brought forward at this point is that the app doesn’t really take advantage of 3D Stereoscopic features as much as it should.   The majority of animations are 2D sprites in a 3D environment.  The spatiality depends exclusively on the stage itself and the location of the characters*. This hinders the overall experience for the user.   


Nonetheless some of the highlights include characters approaching the “camera lens” giving that feeling of almost being able to touch them. The final scene is beautifully executed and sort of haunting. It will leave you wanting more.

All in all the app doesn’t disappoint.  As a Freddie Mercury fan myself I enjoyed the experience, and to be perfectly honest I can’t wait until a VR or Augmented Reality artist develops and app that will simulate a classic Queen concert.


*Ezio Menutti, our 2D artist, reviewed the app as well and contributed all the “technical information”