• 2016/10/19

Call it SMILE

I really believe life choose a mission for all of us to accomplish … no, no, wait, I’m not talking about saving whales, or eradicating world hunger… sadly not… I’m just talking about small (or even ’stupid’) things. What I mean is the mission to be the class clown, the most unpunctual person in the office or the nerd of the group, just to give some examples. Let’s call them, from now on, the SMILE (Stupid Missions In this Life on Earth).
You can think they are the easiest missions to accomplish, and you are right they are, but the most difficult part is accepting that this may be your call, accepting that you have that SMILE even though you’ve been fighting against it your whole life.

Well, hi there !, I’m a great exponent in this field…I consider myself a real techie, always and interested in the last technological releases and of course in all those technologies yet to come. In fact, my job demands this kind of interest, I’m a web programmer! But the SMILE’s don´t ask for permission when they choose you (oh! didn’t I tell you?? yes, the SMILE chose you… not the other way around), no one asked me if I wanted to be “the guy with the obsolete cellphone”. So, here is my confession… I’m a BB user… OH! SORRY! Perhaps you don’t even know what BB means! How cruel technology is, just a few years ago, you would have known exactly what I mean, and, furthermore, you would have called me the guru of new technologies because of my cell phone. BB means BlackBerry… If you had a BlackBerry you were an important person, at that time a lot of people didn’t have a smartphone. It was almost a status symbol within every company. It was the most intuitive communication device. But wait, I’m not talking about a prehistoric era, no Sir, I’m talking about 2007!!

Let me explain this old-new technology in a nutshell: In 1984, Mike Lazaridis, an engineering student at the University of Waterloo, and Douglas Fregin, an engineering student at the University of Windsor, founded an electronics and computer science consulting company called Research In Motion, or RIM. For years the company tinkered in obscurity, until it focused on a breakthrough technology: an easy, secure, and effective device that allowed workers to send and receive emails while away from the office. They called it the BlackBerry. These devices were the first to use “push” notifications, you didn’t have to ask for your new emails, BB did that for you! They also introduced the QUERTY keyboard, a real revolution for email writing. Even more important was that they introduced of the PIN, or BB Messenger, a messaging system that allowed free communication from anywhere, from BB user to BB user. This innovation was a real revolution!

In the next fews years users started demanding bigger screens, and
communications immediacy, which saw the the growth of apps like WhatsApp and iMessage, touch keyboards became more useful, and BB didn’t have the ability to see this coming… when they tried to change, it was too late… and here goes my dedicated minute of silence…

But know what? Reading some posts online, I discovered that BlackBerry owners keep using their devices longer than any other brand! According to an article in SDNet , based on research from Kantar WorldPanel, “U.S. BlackBerry users hang on to their smartphones the longest of any device owners: an average of 32 months. That’s 2.7 – almost three! – years, a lifetime in mobile tech. By comparison, other smartphone owners go through their devices like paper towels: iPhone users upgrade every 25 months, it’s 18 months for Samsung owners, and just 16 months for Nokia/Microsoft Lumia users (literally half the time of BlackBerry owners).”

I know, I was surprised too!, but this seems to be happening…
The fact is that here I am, holding my BB Curve (even to write this post!), while my workmates drive through the highways of modernity with their iPhones and Android devices and all their versatility. I on the other hand drive through those highways with my BB in hand and with a sense of the pride for accepting my SMILE every day…

What SMILE’s do you think you have? Share with Us and smile to your SMILE!!!