Pet Releaf UX Redesign - ConsultR

What we did:

  • UX Research
  • Personas
  • Use Cases
  • Journey Maps
  • UX Redesign


Pet Releaf, the premier provider of pet CBD products, approached us to work on their e-commerce for natural hemp-based treats. The challenge? Improve product findability and buyability to maximize online sales, simplify the checkout experience, and boost the customer journey by converting visitors to leads.



All Aboard the Challenge

The first thing we needed to do was to map  Pet Releaf’s audience journey to understand how comfortable users felt with their shopping experience. To do so, we carried out different quantitative and qualitative methods over the course of a month, gaining insight into their behavioral traits.

→ Knowing the audience

→ Plan an efficient user experience


User Research: Decoding our Target

The analysis process was divided into 3 main phases:

→ Determining Pet Releaf’s User Persona, goals and needs

We identified behavioral patterns using heat maps, session replays, A/B testing and analytics.

→ Define statements through a hypothesis driven-design

We built a series of statements and hypothesis to prove or disprove assumptions based on patterns recognition.

→ Developing a UX and AI that met the User Persona’s needs

We built a new redesigned interface, centered on our assumption results.


Cart Improvement: Checkout Optimization

To boost user experience, we readapted the Checkout form by way of a minimalist and agile interface.

→ Items readjustment

All labels, alerts, notifications and buttons were adjusted to make them more visible and clear.

→ Checkout, Shipping & Billing forms improvement

Both forms were shortened to help users finish their purchases.