Taco Bell - ConsultR

What we did:

  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Development
  • Platform Development
  • Store Creation


We developed a Platform to enhance the franchisee experience. In the platform, every franchisee has access to documentation, forms, key contacts, technical drawings, architectural CADs and marketing materials. In a second phase, we added the “Create Store” functionality, where a franchisee can create their own store from scratch.


Card-based User Interface

We created a visually pleasing UI responsive design based on cards, intended to aid users’ search experience by organizing information into chunked content and relevant sections (each with its own name and icon).

→ Card-Based Navigation

→ Relevant and Organized Information


UX concept: Data in Focus

To enhance information delivery we created a smooth interface for different users, implementing a series of advanced filters to efficiently narrow down results for users and admins to locate desired data faster.

→ Quality Guidance

Smart Design: the Road to Usability and Discoverability


Smart Store Creation

Each franchisee can create their own Taco Bell smart store by filling-in their information details: store data, country of origin, equipment, and so on.

→ Multiple Filters

→ Data Management


Supply Orders

An online catalog was made, granting franchisees the possibility of having their own automatized inventories to search through and order smallwares and equipments for their respective stores.

→ Item Categorization

→ Advanced Filtering