• 2017/06/07

Wonder Woman: a New Era for Women in Technology

.“Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power”.

William Moulton Marston (creator of Wonder Woman)


Wonder Woman has been shattering box office records becoming the highest grossing opening for a female director in film history.  The fact that this super production was directed by a woman is very telling.  The film industry, like many industries, has been male dominated since its inception, but things are changing…

The tech industry was always male dominated but it was always hardware dominated as well.  Traditionally it was men who gravitated towards building things (I won’t get into the discussion of whether it is natural for men to want to build things and/or if women don’t have the inner drive to do the same).  Nonetheless in the last 20 years or so the tech industry has changed radically. And this has left the door open for women to walk right in… or fly in with their invisible planes.

We have seen women become CEO’s of tech giants, start and run successful tech companies and venture into fields like programming and coding.

While researching for this article I spoke to our female programmers and designers, they all had very interesting perspectives as to what it’s like to work in a male dominated industry.  As for the programmers, they all had one thing in common: they were the only women in their programming courses when they were in college.  As for the designers, it was the exact opposite! There were mostly women in the courses but when they went out into the workforce they never had any superiors who were women (and there was usually only one or two women on the design teams).   I must also point out that at ConsultR we are encouraged to lead and be productive members of our assigned teams but nonetheless we still encounter issues as women because all women face these issues.  It’s a universal problem!


Slowly but surely women have started to take a more prominent role especially when it comes to leadership (like Wonder Woman we want to lead the way of our fellow amazons).  There are many challenges for women in high power positions but there are also challenges for those of us working in male dominated environments.  I would like to focus on 3 issues which I believe all women face in the workplace.

Firstly, if you are the only woman you may feel like you are not taken as seriously as you should.  There is always the fear that your idea or project won’t resonate like it should with your male colleagues.   It may have something to do with how are brain are wired differently, or perhaps it’s due to our lack of confidence or the traditional depiction of women as submissive and weak.  There may other reasons I am not aware of but in the end, I think we just have to keep trying, breaking down those walls as if we had Wonder Woman’s shield.  One day, we’ll get there!

Secondly, in general I find our male superiors often expect more from us than our male counterparts.   I don’t think this is deliberate. I think it’s a combination of things. The fact that we still need to prove ourselves as managers, designers, programmers and, we have reputation for being great multitaskers!  It may seem unfair, it often is, but we must as woman learn to bring these issues up with the right person. As I mentioned, I don’t think it’s intentional but it shouldn’t’ t be happening.  We should get the same treatment as men in the workplace.

Lastly, there aren’t enough women working in the tech industry.


Most tech companies have an average female workforce of 25-35 %.  These numbers have been slowly rising in the last few decades but is this growth rate sufficient?  The tech industry is all about innovation, so why not innovate your workforce? It’s 2017, Wonder Woman is #1 at the box office.

A woman is the driving force of the film.  Let your inner wonder woman show the technology world how valuable you are, dare to be better, smarter, stronger…  and if you’re still not thriving, come to ConsultR, we would love to have you!