• 2016/11/04

Facebook continues to wage war on Snapchat

Whatsapp: A new feature or a new app?

Has Facebook decided  to move in a different direction  with Whatsapp and make the app more social?  A new feature in beta testing raises the question.

Facebook testing stories feature in Whatsapp

Whatsapp has started to test a feature similar to Instagram’s stories (and Snapchat’s moments) on it’s beta version.   If you are a beta tester and have a jailbroken iphone or a rooted Android phone you can test this new feature as of today.  This comes as a surprise to many of us given the success of Instagram stories.  Is it really necessary to post multiple updates in Whatsapp as well?  Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of Whatsapp?

Facebook has become a magazine-like portal

Why is Facebook trying this new feature?  Perhaps because the status update giant has lost it’s status as the number one platform to post personal information and status updates.  Have you noticed that Facebook seems more like a magazine or news platform?  Nowadays I just use Facebook to find interesting articles, gifs, videos and any relevant or interesting content.  Most of my friends share political, social or human like content but rarely post personal information anymore such as pictures or status updates (mots but not all of course, some continue to use Facebook like they used to in 2007).

Snapchat the only fresh platform left?

Snapchat burst onto the scene in 2012.  The company CEO Evan Spiegel described the new app by saying  “Snapchat isn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment. It’s about communicating with the full range of human emotion—not just what appears to be pretty or perfect”.  His description seems to encapsulate the essence of Snapchat, human beings aren’t perfect!  Facebook has become a platform that only offers “curated’ content while Snapchat allows users to show themselves as they really are.  

Instagram Stories

Perhaps in an effort to become relevant again and steer users away from Snapchat, Facebook introduced stories a few months ago.  The feature seems to move away from posting “carefully chosen” photos or curated content and lets you post a bunch of photos throughout the day, allowing the user to be more spontaneous.   This move was genius.  Instagram stories was a great success but only time will tell if it has impacted Snapchat in a real way.  

Facebook buys up all relevant platforms

Facebook has a keen eye when it comes to platforms and what works and will continue to work.  They bought Instagram and turned it into a giant.  Not long ago they bought Whatsapp and have integrated the app into their system in a brilliant (sometimes scary) way.   Nonetheless this new testing of a story-like feature on the messaging and voice app appears to be Facebook’s full out war cry against Snapchat.  Is Mark Zuckerberg intent on destroying the yellow ghost?  Or has he realized that the only way to survive for Facebook is to stay relevant even if this means taking out a few of it’s competitors?

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