What we did:

  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Development
  • Platform Development
  • Store Creation


We developed a Platform to enhance Franchisee experience. In the platform every Franchisee can access to documentation, forms, key contacts, technical drawings, architectural Cad’s and marketing materials. In a second phase we added the “Create Store” functionality, where franchisee can create their own store from scratch.


Information Architecture

Our aim was to build the right paths to strengthen the site’s flow and information network.This let us a better UX, focus on the recovery and access to information by the user and administrators.


Card Based UI We create a UI design based in cards to help users to reach the content in a more effective way. The “card” component has an Icon and a name that clarify the content towards the user.

We aim design works as a bridge that lets users reach content enhancing discoverability.


UX Concept Create a Smooth interface for different users profiles. Considering we work on large amounts of information we created a series of advanced filters to improve the search experience and get the user quickly to the information he needs.