What we did:

  • Brand Development
  • Wireframing and IA
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Accelerated
  • Custom Backend
  • Social Media


We created a custom responsive news platform that caters to Hispanic Soccer fans across the United Sates. We crafted the site focusing on UX/UI through a custom digital publishing suite in WordPress. We also developed advanced functionalities such as allowing our users to create their customized news feed based on his or her favorite Teams, Competitions and Players. To support the strategy, we created and managed TFT’s social media outlets including generating custom Facebook and Instagram content.


Information Architecture

We feel the need to have a clear picture of the information towards the user. In this way we were able to focus the design based on the most relevant content and interactions and put in the background what we consider secondary or tertiary. At the same time, we were able to define, the accessibility and editability of information from the WP backend.


Before leading to the design we focused on information structures. Our wireframes let us to build bridges, roads and highways that allow us to control and design the traffic of information from our site to the user in a more accurate way. We created a responsive interface that combined different information modules in a minimalistic way that gave the user a simple flow.


We based our design on this simple Quote “Relevant Futbol news at your fingertips everywhere you go whenever you want. Always stay up to date, without interruptions”.