• 2016/11/04

Facebook continues to wage war on Snapchat

Whatsapp: A new feature or a new app? Has Facebook decided  to move in a different direction  with Whatsapp and make the app more social?  A new feature in beta testing raises the question. Facebook testing stories feature in Whatsapp Whatsapp has started to test a feature similar to Instagram’s stories (and Snapchat’s moments) on it’s beta […] read more

  • 2015/05/06

5 key concepts to have in mind when developing a brand

Developing a brand is a challenge and continuous learning. Very often, brands are placed on unrealistic scenarios and neglect the fact that they will inevitably end up interacting in the real world. So here are 5 tips that, in our experience, are useful to plan branding as something strategic. 1. Believing in “absolute” brands Sometimes […] read more