Charles Viancin E-commerce - ConsultR

What we did:

  • Brand Development
  • Information Architecture
  • UI / UX Design
  • Prototyping


CHARLES VIANCIN ®, the world-renowned silicone kitchenware company founded by French designer Charles Viancin, approached us seeking to develop a modular and responsive design
with adaptive content across different platforms and devices.
The final goal? Enhancing the brand’s
e-commerce to offer a more personalized buying experience for each market segment: retailers, representatives and wholesale vendors.



Three Problems, One Major Solution

Right off the bat, we faced three main challenges:

→ Product Display

We needed to reinforce the way products were displayed across the site.

→ Filter Optimization

We needed to find a way to optimize how users filter and browse items.

→ Foster Uniformity

We needed to create new attributes to generate website consistency.


Boosting Usability and Discoverability

→ Product Cards

To organize product listings and for users to quickly identify a particular item of interest.

→ Chromatic Filter

Since CHARLES VIANCIN ® kitchenware is largely inspired by nature, we developed a chromatic-based filter where users could search products by color.

→ User Dashboard

Granting users access to information on their purchases, and allowing them to keep a record of their items.