Cheque Puntos - ConsultR

What we did:

  • Platform Development
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Research


Cheque Pronto, Georgia’s top Hispanic financial service to send money abroad, sought us to help implement a rewards program that would help attract new customers and retain existing ones. To achieve this, we implemented ConsultR’s own RewardR system white-labeled as “Cheque Puntos” that allows customers to see all their transactions and exchange their points for exclusive benefits. Moreover, the system granted employees the chance to keep track of their customer’s operations and measure customer service and performance. 


The Goal

To offer Cheque Pronto’s customers a gratifying experience increasing customer loyalty and engagement, and improving internal processes.


To subscribe to Cheque Puntos rewards system, first-time customers have to visit and register their email addresses.


Once registered, customers visit their closest Cheque Pronto franchise to make their first transaction.


Done! Once registered, customers are ready to head to the Cheque Puntos rewards system to review transactions and exchange their points for multiple benefits.

Driving Customer Acquisition and Retention

We created a sidebar menu featuring different sections to make sure every aspect was covered: transactions, stores, reviews, and transaction reports, among others.


→ Both employees and customers can keep track of their latest transactions and points earned.

→ Transactions can be filtered based on date, country, and range of points.

→ Cheque Pronto was able to attract new potential customers while keeping core ones.

A Reports section was created, allowing customers to view a detailed summary of all their transactions and monthly numbers.

The Results

A dynamic platform, allowing any business to envision how they could also have a similar experience for their customers. 

→ The general online experience was enhanced and participation increased significantly.

→ Cheque Pronto was able to attract new potential customers while keeping core ones.

We were able to give visibility on customer service metrics and employee performance.