Pet Releaf - ConsultR

What we did:

  • UX Research
  • Architecture Information
  • UI Redesign


Pet Releaf, the premier provider of pet CBD products, continues to rely on us to maximize the user experience with their e-commerce, improving their product filters and transforming their look & feel in an assertive way to project 100% of Pet Releaf’s essence.


Our Goals

Going with Pet Releaf in its growth.

Redesigning Pet Releaf’s image to identify with its new brand of products.

Optimizing the purchase process of the products.

Look & Feel

Color was one of the main changes; we improved them in the platform to match them with the new brand.

The typography has been updated to enable good readability.

The iconography was improved into simpler icons that help recognize them easily.

Images were changed by new ones that show the products and transmit pets’ reactions while consuming them.

More Lightness

To express balance and calmness, which is what we wanted to communicate according to the products that the client sells, we decided not to enclose the elements that make up the page. Still, we kept them without borders so they coexist more smoothly in the interface.

Rethink Organization

Based on metrics (analytics) and user testing, we made the following improvements:

→ Reorganization of categories

→ More direct access to sections.

→ Filter refining