Switch - ConsultR

What we did:

  • Platform Development
  • App Store Deployment
  • UX/UI


Switch is an innovative Dating App company aimed to disrupt the traditional online dating, swipe-featured industry with a platform focused on live-audio speed dating.


The Goal

In a time when there is a vast variety of dating apps, we had the challenge of developing a new way for our users to connect with someone.

Switch Dating App allows users to make a memorable first impression and stand out.

It’s like having a mini introduction that speaks directly to potential matches, letting them hear the real you and what you’re all about.


We believe that people are more than just a profile picture. What truly matters is what our users have to say.

The first dating app where you can have a Speed Date before making a match. Plus, you can create connections by simply listening to Voice Notes.

It’s all about discovering, listening, and liking as you scroll through. It’s a new way to connect, one conversation at a time.

More than a Dating App

Developing this app gave us greater freedom while making decisions that simplify how the user accesses the core features of a dating App, making it different from the usual ones in the market.

→ Creating a safe environment for everyone.

→ Implement new ways to have a date in Audio Live Chats.

→ Connections over likes.

→ Listening before Matching.


We created specific features that make a difference related to other Dating Apps.

→ Get to know someone before matching with our 1:1 Speed Date feature.

→ Keep the conversation flowing with our ‘Conversation Divers,’ offering five topics with random questions.

→ We’re constantly attracting new potential users while cherishing our core community.

→ Feel secure with our Reports section, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Thinking in our Users

We received some fantastic ideas and have implemented improvements to enhance the user experience across all functionalities.

→ Live Audio Chats

→ Waiting Rooms

→ 1:1 Speed-Date Roulette

→ Connections

→ Chat Messages