Franly - ConsultR

What we did:

  • SAAS Platform Development
  • UX Research
  • Brand Creation
  • UX/UI


Franly is a Franchise Management System (FMS) designed and created by ConsultR to evolve the franchisee business. Versatile and multifaceted, Franly serves as a centralized hub for all key aspects of franchise administration, offering a range of tools and features designed to simplify the management
of franchise networks.

The Core

We created Franly to evolve the franchisee business. 
Our Franchisee Collaboration platform aims to streamline processes and asset management, promoting seamless synergy between franchisees and corporations. We prioritize simplifying complex processes and eliminating communication issues during projects and onboarding. 
Franly optimizes communication channels to ensure an efficient, hassle-free collaboration environment for franchisees, co-workers, and vendors.

Forging a Strong Foundation

Franly centralizes documentation and automates processes to drive projects to success and achieve milestones quickly and efficiently. By providing a single source of truth for our users, they can enhance their business performance.

01. Asset Management

02. Contact Management

03. Process Automation

01. Asset Management

Franly safeguard digital assets by offering a robust and secure file management system with vaults. Franly allows users efficiently manage and store files, documents, and data in a structured and protected environment. 
Vaults provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that sensitive and confidential information remains accessible only to authorized users. This approach guarantees that all stakeholders can access the latest and most accurate information, substantially enhancing the overall performance of the franchise network.

02. Contact Management

Franly makes effective contact management effortless. We allow users to seamlessly organize contacts, ensuring a systematic and efficient approach to relationship management. By centralizing contact information, Franly enhances interaction consistency, empowering franchisees, partners, and A&D teams and providing the flexibility required for sustained growth and success in a dynamic professional environment.

Integrate and Automate

→   Highly Integratable
Franly has a dynamic API that allows 3rd party software integrations.

   Multi-brand Customization
Franly includes a white-label layer of UI customization to ensure the UI matches
your brand style.

→   Automate Document Signing
Franly Automate Document signing, data synchronization, and much more. No need to reinvent the wheel!