Forever Flawless - ConsultR

What we did:

  • E-Commerce Store
  • UI / UX Design
  • Prototyping


Forever Flawless, a global skincare luxury brand based in the US, reached ConsultR to improve their online shopping experience for both mobile and desktop. By working on User Experience and User Interface we were able to fulfill customers’ needs, pushing big into customer loyalty and engagement whilst establishing a meaningful user experience conducive to business success.


Look and Feel

One of our main challenges was spacing and layout. On the previous site images were all over the place, leaving no breathing room for the eyes. By using spaces effectively, we managed to increase readability, drawing customers to the most relevant parts of the screen.

•  Conversion-Driven

•  Minimal & Stylish

Checkout Optimization

To make the checkout experience more fluid, we allowed shoppers to checkout as guests, removing forced account creation. All billing fill-outs were organized to map the customer’s journey and autofill was implemented to avoid losing time.

•  Clear & Transparent

•  Easy & Organized