Codigo Esports - ConsultR

What we did:

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • UI / UX Development
  • Website Development
  • Big Data Integration


Aiming to create a unique online eSport experience in Latin America based on Big Data integration and content-driven navigation, we developed Código eSports: Latin America’s #1 eSports news site.


Customized Experience

Our goal was to develop a website where the user takes full control of his or her navigation by customizing the experience through the selection of specific content. One of the challenges was to do so without affecting the UI in the process. In the end, a flexible and modular interface was the smartest decision to achieve our initial goal.


Creating advanced wireframes for the different information modules allowed us, among other things, to evaluate the relationship between them and project a better navigation experience for the site.

We developed deep information access and retrieval with advanced filters and integrations with Big Data services.


We create a design based on “cards” to be able to order the large amount of information of games, teams, tournaments and players through a practical and intuitive language for the user.

Personalized Feed

The universe of E-sports is complex. Each game has its own rules, logic and consequently different followers. We create a personalized feed so our users can choose which games, tournaments, teams and players they want to follow.