ECU - ConsultR

What we did:

  • Mobile First - Responsive Platform
  • IA: Information Architecture
  • UI / UX Design
  • Development
  • QA


Equipo Latinoamericano de Género y Justicia; an independent, non-profit organization soughting gender equality, teamed up with UNICEF to create ECU; a web-based polling platform that helps those companies committed to promote a work-life balance at the heart of equality. At ConsultR, we jumped right in the development process to make the platform (and the dream) come true.


How Does ECU Work?

The idea is simple: each company completes a series of situational reviews and question instances divided into four main stages: Diagnosis, Enhancement, Learning and Diffusion. Once all steps are complete, ECU provides a series of care and reconciliation of work and life policies, based on the company’s results.

Design and Usability

Anytime, Anywhere

Right off the bat, we knew we wanted to create a platform that could be used across multiple devices, endowing a steady experience regardless of the device.