Fanbase - ConsultR

What we did:

  • Brand Creation
  • UI / UX Design
  • iOS Development
  • Android development
  • Web Development
  • Deployment & Maintenance


Fanbase is a Social Media Platform that allows any user to monetize their content via subscription or digital currency we call Love. Users can have free followers and subscribers who pay monthly to view their exclusive content. We partnered with the building of Fanbase and helped grow the platform.


Empowering Content Creators

Fanbase is the only native app providing full content monetization via photo, audio chat, lives, stories and both short and long-form video content. Fanbase algorithm provides total reach and visibility to every user and avoids shadowban, content suppression, and is not Ad-driven.

→ Give & get love and make money

→ Subscribe to access their exclusive content

→ Engage users more effectively

Subscription Model

Fanbase was the first app that enabled a user-to-user subscription model on both the App Store and Play Store. Doing this allows anyone to monetize their content from $4.99 a month per subscriber. Subscriptions help creators to earn recurring monthly revenue for their exclusive content.

→ Create public content for Followers

→ Create Exclusive content for subscribers

→ Engage your Fanbase more effectively

Fanbase Audio

FB Audio allows users to create audio spaces to engage with fanbase community. Have live podcasts, virtual meet n’ greets and start in-depth conversations.
Users can create public rooms for all or exclusive for their subscribers. They can Join or create Camps to build a community around their favorite topics and interests.

→ Public Rooms

→ Exclusive Rooms

→ Camps


Fanbase short-form video editor, Flickz, allows users to add filters, AR masks, music, and extensive editing features to their videos. Every user can monetize their Flickz videos receiving Loves.

→ Create Short-Form Videos

→ Advanced Layered Video Editor

→ AR Filters