Are you #DigitalFirst? ????????‍????

It’s been a few years since we started talking about #digitalfirst companies and processes. For example, when deciding to purchase a product through our devices or if  companies are considering digital solutions first rather than traditional ones.

I think there has been great advances, but the road it’s still long. What are my reasons to believe that? I am sure that to transform companies or processes to #digitalfirst it’s necessary to start changing how people think. One of the phrases associated with #digitalfirst its #userfirst so I really believe we have to be users ourselves individually before making the changes in our work environment.

Many young people were born with these skills already, but calm down guys, this can be acquired with some work and effort.

In this blog, I will make some questions that will  hopefully be useful for readers. This is a digital test to see how deep you are in technology at home and work area.

In my daily life:

Am I conscious and responsible with the use of paper?

Do I keep paper at home?

Where do I make purchases?

Do I read the newspaper or do I read my news online?

Do use cloud services to save my expenses report, invoices, etc.?

Do I ask for electronic invoices?

Do I make sure to help other generations with the use of technology to solve everyday problems?

Do I seek to automate processes at home through digital solutions to save on my energy bill?

Do I use my cellphone in order to make my life easier or do I use it only for social media and chat services?

As I mentioned before I strongly believe that changes begin within ourselves, and no matter how small it seems to be, it will be impossible to think digital in your professional life before you think digital in your personal life.

Now, the moment of truth, your work environment:

Do I take advantage of technology to apply internal processes at work?

Do I optimize time with chats, project management tools and online tracking hours software?

Do I have a digital repository or a cloud with my professional information?

Do I still send photos or heavy files via email?

Do I print a lot of paper and don’t recycle?

Am I aware of digital advances and get inform about digital tools before analogically ones?

And the last questions and homework:

Is my life #digitalfirst ?

Am I interested in what #digitalfirts is?

I am!