What we did:

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • UI / UX Development
  • Website Development
  • Big Data Integration


Aiming to create a unique online eSport experience in Latin America based on Big Data integration and content-driven navigation, we developed Código eSports: Latin America’s #1 eSports news site.


Customized Experience

Since our goal was to construct a site where users could take full control of their navigation, we made sure to customize the experience in a way that people could see only the content they were interested in. As a result, a flexible, modular interface was established without affecting UI. 


Creating advanced wireframes for the different information modules allowed us to lay out the site’s structure, content and functionality, before moving into design. 

Our three main ingredients? Information access and retrieval, advanced filters and Big Data integration


A card-based design was settled, each with its own content, under a practical and intuitive language: games, teams, tournaments and players; allowing users to identify and find information easily.

Personalized Feed

The world of eSports is complex; each game has its own set of rules, logic and followers. For this reason we created a personalized feed, giving users the opportunity to choose which games, tournaments, teams and players they want to follow.