Best practices for Email Marketing campaigns

Many could say that launching Email Marketing campaigns is somehow old-fashioned nowadays, but the fact is that Email Marketing is one of the channels that drives the highest ROI today, and that is the reason why the biggest companies all around the world still do this type of campaigns.

The following are some ways to optimize the results, and here is the key for your campaign success:

Use A/B Testing strategies for your subject lines

The subject line is one of the most important things when doing this type of campaigns. The first step is to attract the attention of our customers, that’s what leads them to open our email and see its content. If the subject line isn’t attractive enough, the rest of your campaign will probably fail. So, a good practice is to try two different subject lines with a small sample of clients and see which one has the higher open rate. Once you know which one has the highest open rate, use it to send your campaign to the biggest part of your client list.

Use CTA and tell your clients what you want them to do!

Marketing is about inducing clients to do what we want them to do (shop now, learn more, subscribe now), that is why it is important to include the right CTAs in both, the subject line and in the email content. Talking imperatively and using an urgency tone will help you achieve your final goal. You need to have the power to guide them to do the action and get them to do what you ask for.

Use Welcome emails to build a strong relationship with your clients

Every time we get a new subscriber it is an excellent opportunity to include it in the newsletter and set your own rules. If you have the client on your site telling you that he is interested in what you are offering, then you have to take advantage of that. A welcome email with a special discount for a one-time purchase will make your client feel welcomed and that will generate an expectation every time this client receives an email from you. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Segment your clients among those who didn’t opened your previous email

Did you send an email to your client database and some did not open it? Send it again, with a different subject line. It is possible that your subject line was not the best for them, try to change it by making it more attractive and send your email again and always wait at least one day. There’s still an opportunity to get their attention.

Send relevant content and make your clients aware of your emails

Once your clients open at least one of your emails they will already know what kind of content you will be sending them. It is important to know your audience and send them the information they want to receive from you so you can generate good expectations about your messages.

Don’t become a spammer and always consider your sending frequency

Nobody wants to become a spammer; the key is to find the best email frequency for your audience. Test your list to see who is engaging and who isn’t. After all, engagement is what you are looking for to build a relationship with your clients. Keep in mind that your clients sometimes need to rest from you.

It is also important to add a section in your email’s footer allowing subscribers to “unsubscribe” this is not only good for them, but for you and the reason is that you don’t want to be sending information to people who doesn’t want to hear from you. This will decrease your open and click rates.

Measure results and learn from your mistakes

Although you might think you are the king of Email Marketing, there will always be room for things that you can improve on, and you can do that by learning from your mistakes and changing some practices for future campaigns.

You are always getting to know your audience and in a universe that is continually changing as the digital one, you are in constant improvement mode at all times.

Measuring the results of your campaign is the last (but not least) step for planning and what will lead the planning of the following campaigns.