Many times, when we talk about the internet we think in social networks, news portals, online games and online big stores like Amazon, eBay and Mercado Libre… but, do we ever stop and think about what the internet can offer to us as a business? Are we really seeing the whole iceberg or just the tip?

Since the Internet arrived, it has been a challenge for big companies to adapt to this environment, a place where every second counts to keep track of the user. Each variant defines the amount of conversion and begins to get hundreds of formulas to increase the number of sales.

But today, so close to changing the decades, not only are the big companies finding the Internet to be a bigger space much stronger than their physical stores, but small businesses are beginning to convince themselves of the potential that exists in the network.

The best example is in our daily lives, when one wants to order a food or groceries delivery, send our clothes to the laundry or to contract a service like an Electrician, we almost do not call by telephone anymore. We now ask for references to our near ones, go straight to Google to search for an app or a website showing results about who can provide us a quick solution to our problem.

For example, the phrase “Electrician 24 hours” or “Electrician in Atlanta” can have more than 1 million visits per month, which are distributed among the first Google links. Now, let’s assume that we have a wide variety of products and categories positioned, can you imagine how many sales opportunities you can have or be exposed to?

If we take the side of the consumer, the access to the internet has advanced to the point that we can navigate the Internet through a laptop, smartphone, smartwatch and even with the “Internet of things (IoT)” on the way, if not already in our homes, more and more objects are synchronized with the network.

Let’s not mention the location, since there is no need for us to be in the living room of our home, we can connect on the street, in  waiting rooms, traveling or even while climbing a mountain we easily could place an order on any online store from anywhere.

And when we talk about the reach? It is estimated that in every house in the world there is at least one smartwatch or computer connected, even in the most remote corners of the planet.

The formulas are already invented, the business models are adapting, and the big companies are the ones who are responsible for the most exhaustive research in terms of user preferences. The only thing that still remains is “making excuses” so jump in the Internet world and start competing in a market as big as the possibilities of growth in it.