How a Brand can Improve Franchisee Relations with Digital Copy

Whether you are rolling out new stores or going through a reimage campaign, one thing is for sure: there is a lot of information and people involved with the process. That’s not going to change, but what can is your approach and method to the madness. Do any of the following comments sound familiar?

Franchisee: I wish I…

– Had an easy way to manage new store construction projects.
– Could view the types of equipment, info, and costs associated easily.
– Had a way to access corporate store marketing information from a mobile device.

Corporate: I wish we…

– Had an easier way to manage new stores and reimage projects digitally.
– Had a digital way to incentivize franchise partners for meeting corporate brand standards.
– Had a way to enhance the experience and improve franchisee satisfaction survey results.

How do brands deliver?

It’s simple: use digital technology and give the people what they want! Standardization is the key to success, you’ve heard that before, right? To scale an enterprise efficiently and cohesively, corporate brands must manage the data flow and execution of brand standards and initiatives, while enhancing the franchisee’s overall experience and satisfaction.

How did ConsultR solve some of these problems?

We developed a mobile web app to enhance the franchisee experience for an enterprise fast-casual & quick-serve brand. In the platform, every franchisee has access to forms, documentation, technical drawings, architectural CADs key contacts, and marketing materials. We added the “Create Store” functionality in a second phase, where a franchisee can create their own store from scratch.

These are some of the features of our solution:

Smart Store Creation
Each franchisee can create their own smart store in the mobile web app developed by ConsultR.

Supply Orders
An online catalog was made, granting franchisees the possibility of having their own automated inventories to search through and order smallwares and equipment for their respective stores.

UX concept: Data in Focus
To enhance information delivery, we created a smooth interface for different users, implementing a series of advanced filters to efficiently narrow down results for users to find desired data faster.

Access your Surveys
Pursuing to unify all data in a single platform, we developed a surveying web app. Employees and franchisees are able to access the application easily, visualizing all of their surveys grouped in one place, each with their corresponding ID and submission date.

The mobile web app highlighted often meets the needs of our clients but understanding the difference between a web app and a native app will help guide you in your journey. The key is creativity when thinking through your business operational needs. Identify the redundant tasks, processes, and information flow you’d like to consolidate and automate. Think about how you can elevate the franchisee and customer experience. Explore with an open mind. It’s 2021, it can be done.

About ConsultR

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